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Baru, Aboriginal name for spinifex
Baru, Aboriginal name for spinifex. Read more..
Read more.. http://icampfire.tv/media/k2/items/cache/60959e8d8c34f5c00b9627dfd768f462_M.jpg
Marndanyingu (Kangaroo) Petroglyph (Dampier Archipelago including Burrup Peninsula - Image Credit: Dragi Markovic & DSEWPaC)
Marndanyingu (Kangaroo) Petroglyph (Dampier Archipelago including Burrup Peninsula - Image Credit: Dragi Markovic & DSEWPaC). Read more..
Read more.. http://icampfire.tv/media/k2/items/cache/f0ba2bfd8f936a77d3b146acfe9443c7_M.jpg
The Love Punks & Murujuga Rangers
The Love Punks & Murujuga Rangers. Read more..
Read more.. http://icampfire.tv/media/k2/items/cache/49d07d2f2b048709fab28e0845347114_M.jpg
A helicopter fly over of Ngarluma country in Western Australia's remote Pilbara
A helicopter fly over of Ngarluma country in Western Australia's remote Pilbara. Read more..
Read more.. http://icampfire.tv/media/k2/items/cache/924e149af069b8ea323a809fbb1171d4_M.jpg
Djarindjin 14th National Remote Indigenous Media Festival interviews
Djarindjin 14th National Remote Indigenous Media Festival interviews. Read more..
Read more.. http://icampfire.tv/media/k2/items/cache/094d739d968df36a87418643dcb9d4ac_M.jpg
Love Punk & Make Up Stylist
Love Punk & Make Up Stylist. Murujuga   Read more..
Read more.. http://icampfire.tv/media/k2/items/cache/c66733db6fd9c6779ab24f57f69f5201_M.jpg
View Through Old Stone Building
View Through Old Stone Building. Read more..
Read more.. http://icampfire.tv/media/k2/items/cache/37006d1f78a382af9c665654f8162781_M.jpg
Pilbara Portraits with Michael Torres
Pilbara Portraits with Michael Torres. Read more..
Read more.. http://icampfire.tv/media/k2/items/cache/94ae6d3810d6b4d1b169793b928c343e_M.jpg
"Ngaliguru Wagayi Wagarila" - Ngarluma language and discussion
"Ngaliguru Wagayi Wagarila" - Ngarluma language and discussion. Read more..
Read more.. http://icampfire.tv/media/k2/items/cache/fc1da7257992fc36032e11db3df7a664_M.jpg
Kerry talking about the Gurarra warnda and giving us a demo on its use.
Kerry talking about the Gurarra warnda and giving us a demo on its use.. Read more..
Read more.. http://icampfire.tv/media/k2/items/cache/cf4507ae4969876df39b5f798b6f40ce_M.jpg

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  • “We are all one blood. No matter where we are from, we are all one blood, the same.”

    - David Gulpilil, Actor

  • “I was quite happy as a backing singer but Neil would always say, 'C'mon, you're the only chick in the band, we've gotta get your face out front. Surely you can sing a couple of songs to give me a break. I started singing one line of My Island Home, then a verse, then it ended up becoming the song that I sang.”

    - Christine Anu, Singer, Dancer, Actor

  • “When camping, always wear a long-sleeved shirt. It gives you something to wipe your nose on.”

    - Ernie Dingo, Actor

  • “United we stand divided we fall together we'll stand in solidarity” [lyrics]

    - Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, Singer

  • “Native Title is Not Land Rights, and Reconciliation is Not Justice!"
    - Gary Foley, Activist, Academic, Writer and Actor

  • "You can play a tune on black keys, you can play a tune on white keys, but both are needed for perfect harmony.”

    - Sir Douglas Nicholls, first Aboriginal State Governor (South Australia)

  • "He does not know how to make the side of a tree which is in the light look the same colour as the side of the tree in shadow...I know how to do better."

    - Albert Namatjira, Artist

  • “[My upbringing] not only led me into boxing but also gave me something else that helped me to the world's title. It's like an outer shell that gives you resistance and immunity to many things, physical and mental."

    - Lionel Rose, Boxer, World Bantamweight Champion

  • “This bin Gurindji country long time before them Vestey mob"

    - Vincent Lingiari, Aboriginal rights activist

  • “I feel great. I'm on top of the world, I'm floating on air. It's a big weight off my shoulders... It's the closure I need.”

    - Archie Roach, Singer/Songwriter, member of the Stolen Generations

  • "I made my first Australian senior team when I was 16, first Olympics when I was 19, and I retired. I'm 32, I retired four years ago, so a good third of my life or nearly a third of my life has been all about running"

    - Cathy Freeman, Olympic Athlete

  • "We've got to come together, that's what we want for Australia. As one people. We're all Australians, regardless of your ethnic background, regardless of your political belief, regardless of your religious beliefs we are all Australians."

    - Neville Bonner, Australian Senator

  • “The scrubs are gone, the hunting and the laughter. The eagle is gone, the emu and the kangaroo are gone from this place. The bora ring is gone. The corroboree is gone. And we are going.”

    - Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker), Poet, Writer, Teacher, Artist, Aboriginal Rights Campaigner

  • "We must connect with old people, we need to tap into their wisdom. The hearts of Aboriginal women are crying for their culture.”

    - Mandawyu Yunupingu, Musician

  • “Mum's words always stay in my mind. She used to tell me to 'have a lovely day' whenever I left the house to go play. When I came home she always asked: 'Did you have a lovely day?' It was never: 'Did you win or lose?"

    - Evonne Goolagong Cawley, Tennis champion

  • “No matter what our colour or our creed, at heart, from this day forward, we are all fundamentally Australian.”

    - Noel Tovey, Aboriginal dancer, member of the Stolen Generations